Lifetime Window and Siding team


We understand that your home is your most important investment. That’s why we are dedicated to ensuring quality work as well as creating the safest workplace possible. Every member of the Lifetime team is educated in creating a workplace free of injuries. Each of our projects is executed correctly and by the book. We are committed to following all OSHA regulations in our workplace.

Lifetime’s team members have extensive training regarding the proper installation of windows and doors, including best practices for safety. We provide safety-oriented training for all employees on any equipment they may use on the job. We regularly inspect all of our equipment and ensure each window and door is in excellent condition and meets all the standards for maximum safety.

When our workers are at your home, we always communicate with you about the details of the job and what it means for your family. We always strive for minimum interruption to your schedule, and we will never put you or your family in danger. If we need you to offsite for a short while for your safety, we’ll let you know well in advance and make sure our request is as reasonable as possible.


With more than 30 years of combined experience in the windows and doors industry, we have built an excellent reputation for service and customer satisfaction. Lifetime Windows and Siding is completely licensed and insured in Texas, so our customers can be confident that their investment is covered.