The strength of Infinity Ultrex allows for narrower frames and bigger views. It stays true and square for years of dependable operation and performance. Ultrex is 8X stronger than vinyl. It’s 3.5X stronger than wood and vinyl composites like Fibrex. It won’t melt in the sun. Also, one square inch can support 34,000 pounds! With Ultrex, you enjoy ultimate performance, beautiful views, and protection from the elements.

Standing Up
To The Pressure

Compared to other materials, Ultrex is the strongest window framing material in the industry. This means Ultrex resists bending and flexing under any conditions. That’s confidence Fibrex and vinyl simply can’t match. Because Ultrex is so strong, we actually use less of it in Infinity window frames. That means you get more daylight and greater views coming through your windows. Ultrex is built tough to take the hits and the heat. Sun, wind, rain, hail, branches, and even a direct hit from a baseball are no match for Ultrex.

Ultrex Provides
a Finish That Lasts

Ultrex requires no sanding, scraping, or painting. The finish performs so well that we offer dark colors without fear of UV degradation and fading. The acrylic coating is up to 3x thicker than competitive finishes, providing superior resistance to discoloring. Ultrex frames stay tight and true year-after-year even with extreme temperature swings. The temperature threshold of Ultrex is 350 degrees. Frames made of vinyl (PVC plastic) are prone to warping and melting in the Arizona summer heat. Ultrex keeps its form and won’t conduct heat like aluminum frames.

A Stable Fit
That Never Quits

Constant expansion and contraction can gradually break down windows and doors, causing leaky seals, poor operation, and loss of structural integrity. Ultrex fiberglass expands at virtually the same rate as glass, so our windows stay tight and true. Ultrex goes through a special curing process that hardens it into shape, like concrete. This means that Ultrex windows and doors will not melt or lose their true shape. It’s as stable as the glass in your window, giving it the ability to stand up to extreme temperatures of up to 285 degrees. With Ultrex, you’ll only need to make your window choice once.

An Investment That
Pays You Back

Let’s talk about thermal conductivity. Windows with low conductivity reduce heat loss in home, which translates to lower energy bills. Ultrex is 5,000 times less conductive than aluminum. That’s right. 5,000X! So your home stays cooler in the summer months and retains heat in the winter months. Ultrex’s low expansion rate allows seals to resist failures that compromise energy efficiency. All our windows are ENERGY STAR qualified, guaranteeing you savings. When you choose our ENERGY STAR windows and doors, you can save an average of $101 – $583 a year. Not only are Infinity windows and doors beautiful and optimal performers, you also save energy.


Ultrex is manufactured with the base material of silica sand, an abundant, non-toxic natural resource. Vinyl requires massive amounts of petroleum and other harmful chemicals. Vinyl will need to be replaced because it warps and melts when exposed to heat. Ultrex fiberglass is so strong that it will only need to be installed once for the entire lifetime of your home. This strength keeps windows square, level, plumb and true. That means no warping, cracking, or premature failure of the frame. It’s a fact. Arizona weather is brutal on windows. Ultrex is so strong that we guarantee it for life.